Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy! Happy! Happy!...

I felt happy today and I hope tomorrow so! =) Well, going to turn into Friday still leave about 30 minutes! I just found a song which is so nice and fashionable! The song is.... "Untouched" by The Veronicas! Those two girls are twins and they are also Australians! Althought they are living in L.A (USA). Untouched is really nice! You can listen it in my music box, Track 2. Besides that, I also fall into "Halo" this song which was sang by Beyoncé. It's super duper nice! I Love it!
Today was the elimination day of American Idol! There's still left 4 more! That's mean still 2 more weeks to go to Finalists and I can't wait to see who will be in the finalist, but I already predicted those two will be in the finalist! (don't tell ya!) But anyhow, those 5 (included Matt Gi) were really doing good job! Today, Matt.Gi was eliminated. And now, I am so exciting about those 4 because they are really great and I can't even guess which will be eliminated on next week! Between, wish them all the best!

Well. Today in school, we had nothing to do with, so we took some weird, lame and crazy pictures! (haha) These pictures are showing you guys "The school life of short hair kids" (haha)
My good friend Wei Lun and I! And I have really no idea what's so surprised Wei Lun.

I was aspecting only me in the camera when Wei Lun said he didn't want to take anymore pictures!

This is Vincent's watch! Tag Heur! I know my photo technique is poor! and I took an Upside-down photo. He likes his watches very much so he called me to take a photo! Pretty weird and sweat right? (haha)

That's all! Another day past! And my exam is around the corner so quite stress recently! Kept doing the revision. Actually, I just did the revision in a short time. (haha)
The American Idol [Top 4]

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