Thursday, July 23, 2009

Proud! Honour! Pleasure!...

Last week, I participated the school singing competition. First of all, I didn't get in to the Final and I was like normal status. But my friends they all were very sad of me because I sang well and great but did not qualify to the Final. They were dissatisfaction with the Judges. I was so touched with it. The Next Day, two of my friends ran towards my class and said " You GOT in to the FINAL!! " I get shocked at the moment. I was speechless and a piece of blank white inside my brain. I wasn't believe so that I got my teacher's permission and went out to have a look! It was true! And the teacher said that I am qualified to the Final. I kinda happy but not Majority. So I decided to sing "MAD WORLD" by Adam Lambert for the final. Last Saturday was my singing competition (Final). I sang the Mad World and all of my friends said I sang greatly and beautifully. I was so happy with their praise!

Before the competition start, I practiced with my pianist who is my friend, Vivian Choo and one of my friends asked me what's I am going to sing and I didn't tell her but I sang to her! She said you got a correct choice. While during the sing, I was looking at the audiences and the teacher! The audiences listened with a peace of silence and the teacher kept nodding with me. Lastly, I didn't win any prizes but I was so proud of myself and it was my honour to sing Mad World by Adam Lambert.

Recently, Vincent was facing a lot of problems but he finally solved them out! I am so happy with him! =) The story is kinda long so I am not going to post it out. =) S-O-R-R-Y

P.S : I love my closest friends! Alan, Bryan, Vincent, CH and more! =)

The Memories and The Observation!...

I was thinking and missing Italy. I do LOVE Italy as much as I do! Italy is really full of artistic and it just fulfilled my demand, my favorite! I was thinking when I still can get there again, again and again. I guess I still have a lot of chances to get there.

My First Prada was got from here!

My family. Sorrento. Italy.

Finally, I got the quote inside my head right now and forever! And I created it myself. I faced a lot of problems recently and I depressed! But eventually I found out the solution to solve them! This quote is really helping me out! This Quote is also for the Music Instruments Lovers!

"The toughest and highest Mountain you climb, the toughest and highest success you get! The toughest and highest standard music you play, the toughest and highest standard melody you get!" by Alvin

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thankful, Appreciate and Exciting!...

This afternoon I did really happy! Because my good friend, Bryan helped me to wash my car! First of all, I have my driving license and I am a legal driver now! All my friends were happy and congrats me! Well! As Bryan requested, this Saturday hang out and celebrate with me at Gurney so he had decided want to help me wash my car! By the afternoon, I drove my car to his house's carpark there and started the wash! We were having fun all the time! He kept complaining me that I did not wash perfectly enough on the car and still have left the dirts, even a tiny spot! (haha) One thing I still remember is he sprayed the water at me at the beginning and I got all wet! (HAHA) Moreover, he kept taking photo by himself! (haha) I really thank him very very very much! I do appreciate what he did for me and appreciate that I have him as my friend! Yeap! That's it! I'm going to fetch them to Gurney tomorrow! I have to fetch Bryan and the twins brothers (Vincent Teng & Jason Teng)! And I am so exciting!

My car! Love it very much! Thanks dad! =D

Took by Bryan.
My good friend, Vincent Teng sure like it very much!

P.S: I Heart you, my friends!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am, I’m too fabulous

I’m so fierce that it’s so nuts

I live to be model thin

Dress me I’m your mannequin

J’adore Vivienne I really want

Gucci, Fendi, and Cardin. Valentino, Armani too.

Madames love them Jimmy Choo

Fashion put it all on me

Don’t you want to see these clothes on me

Fashion put it all on me

I am anyone you want me to be

Fashion put it all on me

Don’t you want to see these clothes on me

Fashion put it all on meI am anyone you want me to be

We love designer

I need (I need) some new stilettos

Can’t walk down the street in those

You are who you wear it’s true

A girl’s just as hot as the shoes she chooseoh yeah

J’adore Weitzman I really want.

Louis, Dolce Gabbana, Alexander McQueen at all

Madames love those Manolo

Fashion put it all on me

Don’t you want to see these clothes on me

Fashion put it all on me

I am anyone you want me to be

Fashion put it all on me

Don’t you want to see these clothes on me

Fashion put it all on me

I am anyone you want me to be...

Monday, June 29, 2009

I have no idea and you got to see this!..

Recently, my friend who was got alot of toubles and he was sad but gladly he is fine now! Her girlfriend dumped him or whatever and I have really no idea with this! That's why I ain't encourage high school students do have a relationship because High School = Puppy and High School Relationship = Puppy Love! That's the fact and can't change by whoever! ** no offense! But this time I will stand my friend's side not because he is my friend and I gave him my vote. *Sigh* Kid's Story! Forget it! (haha) Well, YOU!... YES! YOU!... YOU GOT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! IT IS AWESOME AND ALSO GREAT FOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER TO WATCH AND LEARN! THAT IS 'TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN'! What a terrific movie! I give it a rate of 4.9 out of 5 stars! Very cool, Very nice and Very great! (haha) and many New robots are born! For example, the twins, the 3 sisters and more! And so far, my favorite is Bumble-Bee and the twins! (hehe) I'm going to take my driving test on next tuesday! Kinda nervous but I gotta do great in that! Thus, my car is out! I Love MY CAR Very very very much! I LOVE YOU, DADDY! Thank you for a whole life! I'm planning to dress Adam Lambert's style. It is great, don't you think so?

P.S : Adam Lambert is cool! =D

Monday, June 22, 2009

Start from Beginning!...

Wow! I have not updated my blog been 2 weeks. I found out many weird stuffs recently. The somebody just walked out my mind. I'm so glad because that is fact to me! Not a lie or whatever anymore! But suddenly that somebody was treating me good and it felt warm. (haha) As you can hear the music from my blog is Zero Gravity by David Archuleta. It is David's new song, it is very nice and I very like it. David is absolutely my idol. Well, I'm going to get my driving license soon! It's about 2 weeks start from now and I can't wait to get it too! The instructor praised my driving skill is good, I was so happy when I heard that! (haha).

Zero Gravity

Tell me what you did to me

Just air underneath feet

Didn't even notice we were miles above the ground

I'm not afraid of heights

We crashed into the sky

Didn't know that I could feel the way that I do now

I'm not asking for an explanation

All I know is that you take me away

And you show me how to fly

Nothing brings me down

When you're around

It's like zero gravity

The world just disappears

When you're here

It's zero gravity

When things get messed up

You lift my head up

And I get lost in the clouds

There's no sense of time with you and I

It's zero gravity

Monday, June 8, 2009

Strange, Very Strange...

I have no idea and What's going on! I felt so strange with this sentence "I can't even catch his thinking!" Recently, many things happened and I still inside the Question Mark (?), my friends are good but I feel that they like keep stucking the ear insert into my ear. I kinda hate that feeling but I have no choice since they are my friends and I have to endure them and stick together with them. (haha) Well, sometimes I felt anger and sadness with the somebody and sometimes I felt peace and happiness with the somebody, I have really no idea. Besides, I am started to hate one of my friend. That friend is really really "Fuckable". That friend is just like breaking the friendship between me and my friends. Some of my friends also hate that friend too! I feel pathetic on that friend! That friend is really such a pain and heartless! Do you feel weird that I keep saying "that friend" or "somebody"? Yeap, because I can't really really tell you who they are. Sorry. Forget the sadness! (haha) I can't stop dreaming my dream recently! I think I'm getting my dream soon! I have to make it come true successfully without any stucks!

I have to introduce you this movie! "The Hannah Montana - The Movie" It is extremely nice! I can definitely say that it is meaningful and touched! I felt that the Miley Cyrus's move is almost decribing me. Between, is the last part not the beginning part. (haha) You have to take a shot to watch it! Super-duper nice! I guess I have to stop here, so See ya! Ciao!

P.S: Adam Lambert is my Idol forever and ever. Hope that the somebody will know my feeling without any humilities.