Friday, July 10, 2009

Thankful, Appreciate and Exciting!...

This afternoon I did really happy! Because my good friend, Bryan helped me to wash my car! First of all, I have my driving license and I am a legal driver now! All my friends were happy and congrats me! Well! As Bryan requested, this Saturday hang out and celebrate with me at Gurney so he had decided want to help me wash my car! By the afternoon, I drove my car to his house's carpark there and started the wash! We were having fun all the time! He kept complaining me that I did not wash perfectly enough on the car and still have left the dirts, even a tiny spot! (haha) One thing I still remember is he sprayed the water at me at the beginning and I got all wet! (HAHA) Moreover, he kept taking photo by himself! (haha) I really thank him very very very much! I do appreciate what he did for me and appreciate that I have him as my friend! Yeap! That's it! I'm going to fetch them to Gurney tomorrow! I have to fetch Bryan and the twins brothers (Vincent Teng & Jason Teng)! And I am so exciting!

My car! Love it very much! Thanks dad! =D

Took by Bryan.
My good friend, Vincent Teng sure like it very much!

P.S: I Heart you, my friends!

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