Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Memories and The Observation!...

I was thinking and missing Italy. I do LOVE Italy as much as I do! Italy is really full of artistic and it just fulfilled my demand, my favorite! I was thinking when I still can get there again, again and again. I guess I still have a lot of chances to get there.

My First Prada was got from here!

My family. Sorrento. Italy.

Finally, I got the quote inside my head right now and forever! And I created it myself. I faced a lot of problems recently and I depressed! But eventually I found out the solution to solve them! This quote is really helping me out! This Quote is also for the Music Instruments Lovers!

"The toughest and highest Mountain you climb, the toughest and highest success you get! The toughest and highest standard music you play, the toughest and highest standard melody you get!" by Alvin

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