Thursday, July 23, 2009

Proud! Honour! Pleasure!...

Last week, I participated the school singing competition. First of all, I didn't get in to the Final and I was like normal status. But my friends they all were very sad of me because I sang well and great but did not qualify to the Final. They were dissatisfaction with the Judges. I was so touched with it. The Next Day, two of my friends ran towards my class and said " You GOT in to the FINAL!! " I get shocked at the moment. I was speechless and a piece of blank white inside my brain. I wasn't believe so that I got my teacher's permission and went out to have a look! It was true! And the teacher said that I am qualified to the Final. I kinda happy but not Majority. So I decided to sing "MAD WORLD" by Adam Lambert for the final. Last Saturday was my singing competition (Final). I sang the Mad World and all of my friends said I sang greatly and beautifully. I was so happy with their praise!

Before the competition start, I practiced with my pianist who is my friend, Vivian Choo and one of my friends asked me what's I am going to sing and I didn't tell her but I sang to her! She said you got a correct choice. While during the sing, I was looking at the audiences and the teacher! The audiences listened with a peace of silence and the teacher kept nodding with me. Lastly, I didn't win any prizes but I was so proud of myself and it was my honour to sing Mad World by Adam Lambert.

Recently, Vincent was facing a lot of problems but he finally solved them out! I am so happy with him! =) The story is kinda long so I am not going to post it out. =) S-O-R-R-Y

P.S : I love my closest friends! Alan, Bryan, Vincent, CH and more! =)

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