Monday, June 8, 2009

Strange, Very Strange...

I have no idea and What's going on! I felt so strange with this sentence "I can't even catch his thinking!" Recently, many things happened and I still inside the Question Mark (?), my friends are good but I feel that they like keep stucking the ear insert into my ear. I kinda hate that feeling but I have no choice since they are my friends and I have to endure them and stick together with them. (haha) Well, sometimes I felt anger and sadness with the somebody and sometimes I felt peace and happiness with the somebody, I have really no idea. Besides, I am started to hate one of my friend. That friend is really really "Fuckable". That friend is just like breaking the friendship between me and my friends. Some of my friends also hate that friend too! I feel pathetic on that friend! That friend is really such a pain and heartless! Do you feel weird that I keep saying "that friend" or "somebody"? Yeap, because I can't really really tell you who they are. Sorry. Forget the sadness! (haha) I can't stop dreaming my dream recently! I think I'm getting my dream soon! I have to make it come true successfully without any stucks!

I have to introduce you this movie! "The Hannah Montana - The Movie" It is extremely nice! I can definitely say that it is meaningful and touched! I felt that the Miley Cyrus's move is almost decribing me. Between, is the last part not the beginning part. (haha) You have to take a shot to watch it! Super-duper nice! I guess I have to stop here, so See ya! Ciao!

P.S: Adam Lambert is my Idol forever and ever. Hope that the somebody will know my feeling without any humilities.

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