Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Saturday...

Another Saturday was past. It is fast and I'm going to take a driving test soon! Can't endure it anymore! Unfortunately, I have to. (haha) Today (Saturday), Gurney Plaza organized a competition which entitled "Floral Wedding Gown". It opened to all designers to join. Well, there's 13 finalist but only 5 prizes to give out. My brother's friend who got the 4th place. It's quite sad because we were aspecting that she will get in top 3 but in the postive, at least she got in top 4 right? (haha) I'm still do not understand why the judges gave that contestant the 1st place... I really don't understand. It's really complicated to me but no offense. There has alot of wedding gowns, some gowns were nice and some were quite normal. But I'm pretty admire them. At night, I went to Golden Screen Cinema to watch "Coming Soon" with my family. It's a Thai Language. Pretty good but just a little creepy. Some female audiences shouted, kinda funny but they made the movie creepier! Well, I encourage under age better don't watch it. (haha)

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