Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspiration Days...

Hi! I felt that recently was Inspiration Days. Why I said that? Because alot of things inspired me to sing! I can kept dreaming about the wonderful dreams. It feels good! Yeap. Recently I heard alot of musics from anywhere. That's so suddenly! I never got this before! But now I did! Well, I watched American Idol every weeks, every episodes and never missed it as you guys know. Today is the Elimination day. And 2 will be sent home. Both of them are Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai. I was guessed that both of them will be out but its quite sad about it! Every week will get harder and harder challenge. Adam Lambert was inspired me. He sang a very wonderful song! And I like those song that he sang. He is awesome and definitely is my Idol! I want to be like him but have to be my own style for sure =). Thus, the other singer who was inspired me is Susan Boyle. I guess you know her... She was competed "The Britain's got Talent" and She is famous now! She might be a little bit funny but she can sing well! You will get chill every time you heard she sang! I going to fall into her voice. Her voice is like an angel to me! Before her audition, the judges asked her "what is your dream?" and she replied "I want to be a professional singer" and everyone was laughing at her. After she sang and the judges said "Before you sang everybody was laughing at you but now there's no one will laugh at you anymore!" I got chill with that sentence! and I'm agree with it!

These a few days, I realised that my friends are good to hug! I love to embrace my friend! I guess that is a greeting method in Western so. And they are friendly too! Sometimes they will did the "Peace" sigh to me and smiled with me! (haha) Of course I will did that back to them as well =). Besides that, some of my friends who were very bad to me. One of them was my very good friend in class but recently he was not talked to me but yelled at me. I hate it very much! But like I said he is a good friend to me so we are fine now =). The other one was very very very suck off! I did not know what did I do to him and he suddenly like hate me and kept criticizing me. I will never ever forgive this type of friend! Trust me this type of friend better don't be so close to them! And a gentle reminder here! Please do not trust all your friend who are meeting you daily! Some of them might be the worst! Don't even trust what they say to you and tell them your secret or whatever! They are not trusthworthy!

See you guys! Love you! =)

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