Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moody day...

Today is a moody day... Since I woke up, I already had moodless. Perhaps I burnt midnight oil yesterday and I did not sleep well. Today I thought alot of human sense. In this world, why it has such those peoples which are no mercy, no manners, brainless and more! Perhaps the god is showing us what is mean by human. Maybe I just ate the Spicy so that I post such things. But it is reality in this world!

**No Offence
Why Males are always think about Sex, Porn, Pervert, Negative thinking and more! Why they can't replace those to Care about females, be more respectful, graciously, more responsible, fight for future and more! I really don't understand but sooner I will.

**No Offence
And Females, why most of them like to dress like a.. erm... how to say? A Freak? They like to dress Japanese Styles. Hello! This is Malaysia! Those are not the trend in Malaysia! Do you know why Japanese ladies suit that trend? Because they are fairer (lighter) and their weather is more cooler! And ladies, Don't even try to act cute! In our age, many of them like to act cute! I really don't understand again! They are pathetic! Oh my gosh!

Well, I think I better stop that. I think they are disagree with me! But I hope they can change their mind. And try to think about what I was saying. =) So yesterday is a history, today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery! Don't think too much about it! Gotta sleep well and enjoy my tomorrow. (haha) So have a nice day =).

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