Saturday, April 18, 2009

American Idol

Since January I've been catching up a television reality show. The entitle is American Idol. This is one of my big dream to be there! I wish that I could be there one day! Well, back to the point! Recenlty, the show was kinda exciting. Because there is still left 7 contestants! It's kinda nervous feel while you're watching it! This week, the history was made! There was no one to go home in this week! So next week is the tough week and also a bad news to them. First, 2 will be sent home in next week. Second, next week is a Disco Week! Disco week huh? Disco songs are the most hardest to sing! But I believe they can done it well!

Those are the contenstant!
Adam Lambert " The Bravest "

He got great talent in singing! He can sing every styles of the music! (one of my favorite)

Allison Ireheta " The youngest "

She has awesome vocal! She is same age with me but she looks older than me. She had trained her vocal before!

Anoop Desai " The American-Indian "
He always sings the good romance that I ever heard!

Danny Gokey " The Eldest with a good vocal "
He got a confession from the judges! He is brave and has a good vocal! Everybody loves him very well!

Lil Rounds " The Mum "
She has kids already! And her vocal is always impressed peoples! She can sing well!

Matt Giraud " The Justin Timberlake "
He likes R&B mostly and he can sings R&B songs! In addition, he can sings bluesy and romance too!

Kris Allen " The most Likeable "
He is charming obviously! He is a good guitarist! He can even sing without a guitar too! (one of my favorite)
Well, I wish them good luck!

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