Monday, May 4, 2009


On Saturday, my mum, brother, brother's friend and I were planning to watch movie. My brother and I watch X-men, mum and my brother's friend watch Horror Movie. But those 2 movie's show time are not match so we decided to shop only. After we finished our lunch, I planned that Sunday we watch X-men with dad together! So, we went to buy the movie tickets.

Sunday afternoon, I answered Bryan's call and he said he wanted to join with us! So I said we already bought the tickets and called him go to check around whether the tickets are still available or not. In a minute, Bryan phoned me and asked what's our seats and show room and I told him. In a coincidence, Bryan was not only bought a ticket but also beside my seat! Later on, we started our journey to Gurney and we brought Bryan with us too!

The show wasn't that bad actually, still can decent. The story was about how is the wolverine (Logan) born and his history. In the movie, I love Kayla's sister, Emma's ability. She can turn into Diamond Skin in anytime. The Skin just looked beautiful!

Besides, I am aiming an IPod Classic. I'm going to buy it. Can't wait to this Friday or Saturday. (haha) It looks really classic and nice. It is just my perfect taste! I have to buy it by my own money. First of all, I wanted to buy ITouch but its memory is just too small. IPod Classic is different, it has 120 GB memory inside. Besides, IPod Classic looks nicer than ITouch either! So, I'm gonna have it! (haha)It comes with 2 colours, Aluminium Silver and Polished Black. Perfect size to let you hold. For more details, please log on to

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