Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boring but Happy...

Oh gosh! Today is a boring day! In the positive way, I'm quite happy today! (haha) I have nothing to do today! At first, I was planning want to watch Star Trek with my friends and my brother, but they all are not available! And I bought my NEW IPOD CLASSIC yesterday! Very happy with it! I did not regret to buy that IPod at all. Because it has multi functions and contains a huge memory! I bought black colour so did my brother. Because the aluminium silver was out of stock! A liitle bit disappointed but black colour also nice, It looks nicer than the picture which is on the internet! I uploaded a lot of musics, pictures and videos! I can give 9.5/10 for the Quality of Apple! (haha) When I listen to the musics which are inside the IPod, I can feel like I'm in the Live Concert as well!

On the last Thursday, I watched the American Idol: Elimination of top 4. It was so exciting! And Allision got eliminated and now still left 3 contestants who are Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen. Not really surprise with the elimination actually but wish the Allison good luck =). Still 2 weeks more to the Finale episode!

Yesterday, Vincent took his Digital Camera to school again! And also we captured alot of pictures as well. All of the photos are insane and crazy! (haha) We intented to capture the funny photos for keep the memories. After school, Yee Loon fetched us to the tuition. =)

Recently, my friends they all were talking and discussing about the X-men. (haha) I joined them either! We talked about our favorite heroes, it sounds a little bit childish but when you deep into it you will get into the chat as well! Well, my favorite Hero is Storm, she is powerful and nice ability she got! and my friends like Iceman and Wolverine. (haha) =)

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