Friday, May 22, 2009

My Birthday, My happiness and My sadness...

Well, last few days (Monday) was my 17th birthday. I'm happy on that day. I smiled all day long! Although I did not get any presents from my friends but I was still happy because most of my friends they remember my birthday and wished me as well! My mum bought me a cake and we celebrated ourselves on night. Now, I am collecting my good friends' photos for keeping the memories. (haha) Eventually, the American Idol is finished! But I am quite unhappy with the result, I felt disappointed with it! Kris Allen won the title and we were predicting that Adam Lambert would win it. What a unpredictable result! When I heard the result I was just got shock, opened the mouth and stunned for a couple minutes. I have no mood a whole night and kept asking myself why Adam lost. Eventually, I got the point, they voted for Kris was because of his look! (no offense) In fact, Adam has a real talent! Apparently, Adam will be more popular than Kris. Between, Kris is one of my favorite too! But just can't imagine the result. I'm still doubting the result. I heard from Americans' words, they said "I voted for Adam but when I dialed the number, it just can't work!" That was suspicious. Well, I'm going to listen the CAR THEORY tomorrow. I'm taking the driving course and get my car license as fast as I can. Hopefully I will get my license during the holidays. =)

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