Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wondering, Pressure and Exhausted!...

Hey! Greeting y'all! Last few days, I really really busy with my study! However I am having the school examination. It quite exhausted! Have to study every single day! (except Fri, Sat & Sun haha) Well, I watched the American Idol : Elimination Night last Thursday, and it surprised me! I was expecting that Danny & Adam would round in to the final but it was wrong! Kris and Adam are in the final! Unpredictable! I thought Danny should head in to the final actually. It is because he can sing well. By the way, congrats to Kris! (haha) It's going to be tough week next week! I can't wait to watch the season finale, so wondering that! My Birthday is around the corner so I am thinking about the driving license, that's remind me the sadness! (haha) I am so unwilling to go to practical but I have to! I know the Practical is very tired but no choice! I am thinking about get my license as fast as I can! So I'm going to it during the exam! So that will be Exhausted plus pressure! Oh mama miya! After got the license it will be great! I can feel that right now! (haha)
Recently, I found something really really miracle! (I can't tell ya! sorry it is a secret!) It is strange that's all I can say. I keep thinking about it every single day!

*** Blog next time! See ya! =)

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