Sunday, May 24, 2009

Movie night...

Tonight, the movie night! I watched Night at the Museum 2 with my family in Gurney Golden Screen Cinema! It was still decent to me. But I prefer Part 1 was better than Part 2. =) But it was not bad! Well, I met Yee Loon in a coincidence! He watched with his sister and Yee Loon and his sister's boyfriend celebrated her birthday. I went to listen the car theory this afternoon. Yeah~ it was boring and I felt sleepy in the class but I was still endure it! Finally, I'm taking the driving course! Can't wait to pass it! Feel lazy to go to the practical! Sad! Recently, I feel strangely when I met somebody. I hate the feel that being in love with somebody. I am trying to don't think about it but when the somebody came near me I just started to think the somebody over again. I will try my very best to forget it and also the somebody. Well, this morning I saw the apples which were bought by my mum they look very very fresh! So I took the picture! You will see it at the bottom later. =) Now, I am worrying my friend's account. He seem like doesn't know how to do it but I am trying my very best to help him out! Hope that he can get a decent marks! Besides, my friend's girlfriend is having a little bit personal problem. I will try to help her too! She is one of my good friends either. =) Well, I guess I have to stop at here. My brother is waiting me to watch "Hotel for dogs". So, Ciao! =)

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